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Turn to us for residential drain cleaning services in Acworth, GA

Does your kitchen sink back up every time you turn on the tap? Does your bathtub take too long to drain? When you need professional pipe cleaning services, turn to The Professional Plumber in Acworth, GA. We specialize in cleaning all types of residential drains. You can trust us to use the appropriate cleaning method based on the drain and the severity of the clog. No matter what's causing the problem, we'll do what it takes to get rid of even the most stubborn backups.

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5 signs it's time for professional drain cleaning

The Professional Plumber uses snaking, hydro jetting and chemical cleaning solutions to free clogs from your drains. You'll want to contact us for drain cleaning services if:

1. Pests are attracted to your sinks
2. Your sinks are slow to drain
3. You smell foul odors around your drains
4. Your toilets often overflow
5. Your drains make gurgling noises

We provide pipe cleaning services for kitchen and bathroom sinks, floor drains, bathtubs, showers and septic systems. Reach out to request a service estimate.

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