Protect Your Foundation From Irreversible Water Damage

Count on us for water line repairs in Acworth, GA

Your water line can become damaged due to a wide variety of causes. From water leaks to frozen pipes, you never know when something could go wrong. Fortunately, The Professional Plumber has experience making the water line repairs you need to protect your home. We can work on lines inside and outside of your house. From minor fixes to a complete water line replacement, our team will do what's needed to keep your home safe.

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Know the signs of a damaged water line

A water line break isn't just bad for your foundation - it can also contaminate the water you drink or wash with. You may need water line repairs if:

Your tap water is discolored
Puddles form in your grass
Your water pressure is low
Your pipes are making strange noises
Your water bills are suddenly higher

If the damage is significant, we'll recommend a water line replacement instead of repair work. Call 678-403-8444 to request a water line inspection.